Part A: Introduction


More people today than at any other time in history have a choice about where they live. That’s why the Council’s Long-term Plan 2015–25 recognised the need to continue investing in our city and its people.

Planning for Wellington’s future – how it works

The Local Government Act 2002 requires us to plan in 3-year cycles. We do this with our Long-term Plan (LTP), which is prepared following consultation with the community. It sets out our intentions for the decade ahead — what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, how much we’ll spend, who will pay, the levels of service we’ll provide, and how we’ll measure the quality and effectiveness of our work. Our next LTP will be published in 2018.

Our annual plans allow us to take a fresh look each year at our work programme, and consider whether any changes are needed. These could be due to budgets revisions, new priorities set by elected members, or new projects to help deal with issues facing the city.

The focus of the Long-term Plan 2015–25


The two main priorities of our current LTP are delivering our core services well, and placing Wellington on a path of strong, sustainable economic growth. To do this, we planned to:

Funding this investment programme is at the heart of the LTP financial strategy, which:

Details on the Long-term Plan 2015–25 are available at