Part A: Introduction

Community feedback on the Annual Plan 2017/18

Community engagement

Prior to the development and publication of this annual plan, we gave Wellingtonians the opportunity to provide feedback on the 15 proposed initiatives, fee changes and proposed Council budget for 2017/18. We also engaged with the community on the 3-year work programme.

Engagement activities were carried out during April/May 2017. They included a website for submissions, radio and press advertising, social media campaigns, and an online virtual Q&A with Councillors and two stakeholder workshops (“Annual Plan Forums”).

Community feedbackTop

For the Annual Plan we received 120 written submissions from individuals or organisations. Sixty-three comments were submitted through our social media channels, and 833 people responded to the research panel survey.

There was strong support for our proposals, with the majority of submitters and social media comments supporting the Annual Plan 2017/8 initiatives and 3-year work programme.

We also surveyed our research panel to determine community views on our annual plan proposals. We received 167 respondent comments on specific new initiatives, and 138 general comments. Overall, the majority of specific comments (61%) were in favour of the initiatives.

In addition, 217 comments were received from the research panel respondents on the proposed budget for 2017/18. Comments related to rates rises, reduction of Council operating costs, delayed capital expenditure and managing Council debt.

Two stakeholder forums were held, and were attended by 94 stakeholders – including mana whenua, community groups, residents’ associations, businesses and other organisations. Each forum conducted group prioritisation activities on the proposed initiatives. After discussion with these groups, the following initiatives were rated high or near-high priority for implementation were:

New funding requestsTop

While the majority of submissions focussed on the variances Council proposed in the engagement document, a small number of submitters also raised funding requests of their own. These submissions were assessed for inclusion in existing renewal and maintenance programmes where practicable.

Feedback on 3-year work programme (Triennium Plan)Top

In addition to the annual plan there were 149 comments made by submitters on the 3-year work programme. There was broad support for its goals and focus areas and the majority of the survey panel respondents (85%) were also supportive, with only 3 percent being opposed.

How this feedback helped shape the Annual Plan 2017/18Top

As a consequence of community feedback and the ongoing development of business cases for key initiatives, a number of project/budget changes were considered by the Mayor and Councillors and included in the final Annual Plan 2017/18:

Details on these projects can be found in Part B: Our work in detail.

The proposed new initiatives for 2017/18 also included a number of ‘on the horizon’ projects. These projects were under development at the time of engagement and relate to making Wellington’s homes more resilient, additional blue tsunami lines, placing sensors in buildings to measure the effect of earthquakes, and effectively managing anti-social behaviour in the city.

The Council is continuing work on these projects, and detailed work programmes are to be considered by Councillors later in 2017/18. Any funding implications are to be considered as part of the Long-term Plan 2018–28.