Part B: Our work in detail

1 Governance
​Pārongo ā-tāone

This strategic area includes activities that enable democratic decision making. We encourage public input and involvement to ensure all points of view and relevant information are considered when we are making decisions on behalf of Wellingtonians.

Our partnerships with mana whenua recognise their special place in the city’s history and relationships with its land, waterways and other parts of its environment.

Governance services include managing local elections, informing residents about the city and the issues or challenges it faces, listening to residents’ views, making decisions in the best interests of the city and its people, and managing partnerships with mana whenua and other groups. Our City Archives team looks after and makes available information about the city’s history. We also operate a contact centre that provides people with information about our services and respond to requests 24/7.

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Key objectives, activities and focus for 2016–19

Governance graph showing objectives

New for 2017/18 and key projectsTop

    2017/18 cost
New for 2017/18
  • Improved community engagement: The Council wants to improve the conversations it has with communities to allow for more meaningful engagement. In 2017/18 we will be increasing resources by $75k to fund improved community engagement for key projects.
  Additional $75k
  • Implementing the Living Wage: The Living Wage provides workers and their families with the basic necessities of life. It also has positive benefits for employers by encouraging productivity and improving customer service. In 2013/14, the Council introduced a Living Wage rate of $18.40 per hour for its frontline staff. This was subsequently raised to $18.63 per hour in the following years and in 2017/18 we will be moving to the new Living Wage rate of $20.20 per hour for Council staff, including those working in Council Controlled Organisations. The rate will also be extended to some contractors for regular core services, with the main focus being cleaning and sanitation services. Our goal is to become an accredited Living Wage employer within the next 3 years.
  Additional $1.89m
Other key projects being advanced in 2017/18 include:
  • Working with our Treaty Partners: We are committed to engaging and working with our partners to ensure the role of Māori in the past, present and future of our city is valued and reflected in all aspects of our work, including urban design, economic development, resource management, social wellbeing, arts, culture and recreation.

    Earlier this year we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with local mana whenua iwi entities Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust (Taranaki Whānui) and Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira Incorporated. As a result of this, a leadership forum has been established and in the coming year we will work towards developing a work plan with Taranaki Whānui and Te Rūnanga that addresses mutual strategic, commercial and participatory outcomes consistent with the MOU.
  Within existing budgets

How we measure our performanceTop

Objectives What we measure Activities
  • Democratic decision making
  • Open access to information
  • The quality of the public's involvement in Council decision making (two measures with targets)
  • The quality and timeliness of residents' access to information (six measures with targets)
1.1.1 City governance and engagement
1.1.2 Civic information
1.1.3 City Archives
  • Recognition of Māori
  • The health of our relationships with mana whenua (one measure with target)
  • Engagement of the city's Māori residents (one measure with target)
1.2.1 Māori and mana whenua partnerships

For details of individual performance measures and targets for each activity, see the appendices.

Activity budgets (cost of service statements)Top

Operating expenditure ($000) ($000)
1.1.1 - City governance and engagement 10,909 11,325
1.1.2 - Civic information 5,542 5,349
1.1.3 - City archives 1,967 1,985
Total operating expenditure 18,417 18,659
Capital expenditure ($000) ($000)
1.1.1 - City governance and engagement 116 -
1.1.2 - Civic information - -
1.1.3 - City archives - -
Total capital expenditure 116 -
1.2 Māori and mana whenua partnerships 2016/17
Operating expenditure ($000) ($000)
1.2.1 - Māori and mana whenua partnerships 295 300
Total operating expenditure 295 300
Capital expenditure ($000) ($000)
1.2.1 - Māori and mana whenua partnerships - -
Total capital expenditure - -