Part B: Our work in detail

3 Economic development
​Whanaketanga ōhanga

This strategic area includes services that support business activity; marketing Wellington to tourists from New Zealand and overseas; operating performance venues and conference facilities; promoting business, education and cultural links through sister city relationships; and providing free weekend parking in the central business district.

We fund these activities because they:

Economic development
Economic development icon Capital spend
Operating spend
How operating
costs are funded
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$ million

Bar graph showing $20.2m Other and $15.6m rates Pie graph showing $6.8

Key objectives, activities and focus for 2016–19

Economic development graph showing objectives

New for 2017/18 and key projectsTop

    2017/18 cost
New for 2017/18
  • Tawa Business Improvement District (BID): To support local economic development and bring the community together, the Council is working with businesses within Miramar, Khandallah, Kilbirnie and Tawa to create vibrant suburban centres. This is being achieved through a targeted rate where local businesses can pool funds for projects and improvements that complement existing Council services. In 2017/18 we are establishing a targeted rate for Tawa.
  $95k (This is a targeted rate for businesses within the Tawa BID area)
  • Significant sporting events: The Council is a strong supporter of second-tier sport events. They bring significant numbers of participants and supporters to the city, benefit the economy and enhance Wellington’s reputation as a place for events and recreation. Other cities in New Zealand are increasingly doing more to secure these types of events. To stay competitive, from 2017/18 we will be providing greater support to these events through the City Growth Fund.
  To be met from within existing City Growth Fund
Other key projects being advanced in 2017/18
  • We will continue to explore the potential for a 10,000–12,000 seat indoor arena for Wellington. Currently, the city’s premier venue for indoor concerts and events is the TSB Bank Arena, but because of its size and capacity constraints Wellington misses out on hosting top-level touring acts.
  • We will continue working with stakeholders to finalise the detailed design for the Movie Museum and Convention Centre project. The aim of this project and the indoor arena is to grow the city’s economy, showcase Wellington and improve its liveability and vibrancy.
  Funding for the Movie Museum and Convention Centre is in the existing Long-term Plan (LTP) budget and feasibility work for an indoor arena will be met out of existing budgets

How we measure our performanceTop

Objectives What we measure Activities
  • Increased tourism spend
  • Improved investment attraction/digital exports
  • Enhanced city vibrancy
The quality of our investments in promoting the city (one measure with target) 3.1.1 WREDA
3.1.2 Wellington Convention Centre
3.1.3 Retail support
3.1.4 City Growth Fund /Economic grants
3.1.5 Major projects – economy
3.1.6 International relations
3.1.7 Business Improvement Districts
Attendance at Council supported events (one measure with target)
The quality of our investments in economic development (two measures with targets)

For details of individual performance measures and targets for each activity see the appendices.

Activity budgets (cost of service statements)Top

Operating expenditure ($000) ($000)
3.1.1 - WREDA (Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency) 30,822 31,217
3.1.2 - Wellington convention centre 1,051 943
3.1.3 - Retail support (free weekend parking) 1,357 1,476
3.1.4 - City Growth Fund, economic growth and economic grants 3,001 3,433
3.1.5 - Major economic projects 5,000 5,373
3.1.6 - Regional and external relations 661 778
3.1.7 - Business improvement districts 194 291
Total operating expenditure 42,086 43,512
Capital expenditure ($000) ($000)
3.1.1 - WREDA (Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency) - -
3.1.2 - Wellington convention centre 7,011 5,016
3.1.3 - Retail support (free weekend parking) - -
3.1.4 - City Growth Fund, economic growth and economic grants - -
3.1.5 - Major economic projects - -
3.1.6 - Regional and external relations - -
3.1.7 - Business improvement districts - -
Total capital expenditure 7,011 5,016